Some of Nandi’s special skills of note:

  • Ballet Technique, Jazz, Contemporary, Mandarin, Taekwondo, Tennis, Ukulele

Nandi has traveled extensively and lived in many different countries. Her family returned to California in 2014 when she was almost 11 years old. She was a different person than she when she had left 2 ½ years earlier. She started taking intensive ballet classes, studied chess, and earned first place in a surfing competition.

She also decided that she wanted to be homeschooled in order to focus more time on dance and other activities that enabled her to express herself and her love of life. Today Nandi is thriving and has the inner confidence to deal with other people’s negative remarks and criticism.

Merging her passion for dance and music with her newfound joy of being on camera, Nandi continues to learn more about herself as a dancer, model, and actress. She has learned that what others say about you is not nearly as important as what you believe about yourself. This year Nandi placed first in the Starbound competition with the highest score in the category and competition, and she placed second overall in the California Dance Classics competition.