Nandi moved to South Africa to live with her grandparents when she was 2 yrs old.

She returned from South Africa at the age of 7 attended 2nd grade at a private school in Southern California. Her accent, skin color, hair, clothes, and lack of knowledge about the popular culture resulted in her being identified as “different” by her peers, and she became a target of bullying.

These experiences motivated her to unite with as many kids as she can so that together they can protect others by stopping the torment. Nandi started an Anti-Bullying Pledge Club under the mentorship of Terolyn Phinsee from Titus Single Parent Mentoring.

The club is drawn from Nandi’s experience and her life story. The club’s responsibility is to spread awareness by bringing the message to a larger audience. Its vision is to combat bullying with love by looking at the person
next to you and try to understand their story and by inviting peers to be the generation that can change the world in unison, one step at a time.